Countdown to February 24th

Holy smokes it's been a busy couple of months. Just wanted to give everyone an update on the album release and the rewards. 

We've set a time and place for the release - Feb 24th and 25th at The Deli (Norman, OK) and The Blue Door (OKC) with special guest KYLE REID! All of the CDs and TShirts have come in! We're getting ready to pack them up and ship them out to all the KickStarter backers. 

Unfortunately, we did hit a bump in the road while manufacturing our vinyl. Vinyl is such a fragile medium and a few of the songs did not come out as clear as we would have liked. Instead of rushing ahead and putting it out, we wanted to take a step back and show that vinyl is not a souvenir, but an active listening experience. We're in the process of figuring it out - we appreciate your patience - but they are coming and IT IS GOING TO SOUND AWESOME. 

We released our single, "Move", that is available on all streaming services and in our music section.

You can stay up to date with us by checking out news here, our Facebook (, or getting in touch with us directly at

Check out this video we shot with Sofar Sounds of our new song Devil's Road

Thanks again for backing and supporting our music.