"Threes is a genuine achievement, proving that the band has worn into its special blend of influences so well that it is becoming more than the sum of its parts. Arguably, that is one of the high watermarks that any band hopes to achieve when chasing the proverbial "sound," and it's a lot harder than it may seem. There's no need to roll the dice on this one. For fans of the various styles the group invokes, Threes is a sure win." - Cellar Door Music Group

“Dinsmore likes big band era singers and big voices and has a unique one of her own. When the 20-something OU musical theatre grad sings, it’s as if she’s tapping into some cosmic force, a galaxy of crooners - some living, some dead - beaming their heartbreak and joy into her vocal chords from light-years away.” - N-Town

“What they’ve done collectively is pull on pairs of velvet boxing gloves and throw a series of knock-out punches. Dinsmore’s entrancing vocals and sultry delivery conjure a Peggy Lee fever dream. Leach’s lyrics and arrangements are sophisticated additions to the great American songbook rendered with modern style.” - The Norman Transcript

“Harrumph” — an expression you might remember from “Blazing Saddles” — actually means to say something disapprovingly. But Harumph with one R, a brand-new jazz/pop combo from Norman, is considerably more congenial.” - The Oklahoman  


Notable performances include: Woody Guthrie Festival, Cimmarron Concert Series, Oklahoma NPR KGOU with Jim Johnson, Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, Norman Music Festival, The Blue Door, Folk Alliance International, Jazz in June 2016, and a weekly residency at The Deli in Norman, OK.


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